Integrated Play Therapy

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How play therapy can support your child

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Play is a child’s natural form of communication and contributes to their learning and development; it builds children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills as well as their creativity, and their ability to problem-solve. For most children, play feels safe and empowers them to explore difficult issues that are too challenging to deal with through direct conversation. “Play permits children to bridge the gap between concrete experiences and abstract thought by allowing children to communicate concretely and symbolically through the manipulation of toys”(Landreth, 1991).

At Integrated Play Therapy Katie uses the therapeutic powers of play to facilitate change whilst establishing a safe and trusting environment. Within this relationship, and space, children learn to understand more about their thoughts and feelings and rework conflicts or negative experiences, rehearse social skills and develop improved ways of relating to others.


therapeutic power of play


In play therapy, the therapist holds the belief that through play the child will intrinsically move towards developmental and emotional growth and improved adjustments, and develop a stronger sense of self, develop resilience, and establish more effective coping skills.