Integrated Play Therapy

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humanistic play therapy

Humanistic Play Therapy

In Humanistic play therapy, children are supported by a trained play therapist who uses the therapeutic powers of play as the core agents to facilitate change whilst establishing an environment that is based on safety and trust. Within this relationship, and space, children are encouraged to discover and explore their thoughts and feelings through play.  The therapist holds the belief that through play the child will uncover their instinctive drive to move towards improved adjustments, autonomy, developmental and emotional growth to develop a stronger sense of self, develop resilience and establish more effective coping skills.


Using play, the therapist encourages the child to openly explore the playroom and resources and to freely express and communicate their feelings and emotions. At the same time the therapist attunes to the child’s needs and supports them to make choices, direct the play, master skills, make new discoveries, solve problems, and rework and practice new ways of being, relating to, and communicating with others. Children are not hurried through the therapeutic process but are instead supported to work through challenges at their own pace and level.


Who can benefit from Humanistic play therapy?

Humanistic Play therapy can be an effective intervention for children of all ages and backgrounds who have a variety of presenting issues including:

  • Children who have been abused, neglected, or traumatized
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Those who have experienced loss, family separation and breakdowns
  • Children who are ill or have a disability or are a sibling of a child with an illness or disability
  • Children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence or substance abuse
  • Children who have emotional and behavioural issues
  • such as anxiety, depression, aggression arising from their experiences.
  • Educational struggles issues such as poor planning and organisational skills, and the ability to follow through with given tasks.
  • ADHD