Integrated Play Therapy

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Specific Play Therapies

learn to play

Learn to Play Learn to Play is a therapeutic program that has been created by Professor Karen Stagnitti to help children build their play ability when they find play challenging. Whilst many children can play on their own, others need the support of a play therapist to model and teach them how to play to …

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humanistic play therapy

Humanistic Play Therapy In Humanistic play therapy, children are supported by a trained play therapist who uses the therapeutic powers of play as the core agents to facilitate change whilst establishing an environment that is based on safety and trust. Within this relationship, and space, children are encouraged to discover and explore their thoughts and …

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filial therapy

Filial Therapy uses play therapy to support families to make positive readjustments when their ability to function well has been impacted. This may be the result of children in the family experiencing social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties or when the family has been impacted by trauma or illness. Filial Therapy helps parents or guardians to …

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